Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hello World! Here's my left hook.

Starting a blog is always, retrospectively, a futile affair. Doomed to become an outlet for obtuse opinions and stream of conciousness banality. Well nowadays, there's Facebook, Twitter and Sky Sports for that. Perhaps, with even more retrospect, I've never stuck by a blog because I've never really had anything to blog about.

Well, no more! Nowadays I get up to some halfway interesting stuff involving photography, music and sometimes even fusing words together into readable sentences, something I never really managed to do adequately at university. But it's amazing how the need to pay bills focusses the mind (oh and what bills need to be paid!) So I believe I have the ingredients of a blog right there.

We'll see shall we?

In a mo (a sex mo) I'm off to the CENSORED cinema in CENSORED ROAD in London to catch a preview of The Prodigy's World's On Fire live concert/ film extravaganza. I'll be sharing my thoughts on the flick ahead of its one night only release in cinemas worldwide on Thursday March 31st. Yeah, for a couple of days I WILL be cool. Like that time I left-hooked that bully on the way home from school and briefly, for one magical afternoon, felt the glow of peer respect. For a glorious, fluorescent moment I was accepted by the cool kids. Well, at least the ones who smoked at the back of the bus but wasn't that THE definition of cool in the 80s? They were even awed enough to forget to take the piss out of my second-hand flared school trousers. But not for long, as I'm sure you'll recall, a day is a long time in school politics.

Oh no, it's happening all over again ;)

PS. come back Wednesday AM for that preview.

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