Wednesday, 12 October 2016

All Change! A Proper Blog Approacheth over at

One thing I've learnt whilst mucking about with pictures and words and stuff is that blogs need a focus. So this one is dead and its spiritual successor lives as part of (the direct link to the blog once live will be

It will focus on what I do for a living. So photography and all the business that goes with it from motivation to production and a scattering of pretty pictures along with a dark underbelly of psycho analysis. Well not that dark. But reflective. Hmm...

Various 90s and 2000s internet rubbish is still over at (the site that will not die) and that too has a new bit where I will blog various tech reviews.

If I don't see you there or indeed over there, it's been a pleasure to have your visual attention.


No really, this is a recording.